Table Talks


We love what pastor Robby Gallaty says: "Get in the Word 'til the Word gets in you." We not only want to be containers for the truth of God's Word--we want to be CONDUITS for it into the lives of those we know and love. There is a great irony in contemporary culture. There has never been a time where God's people had more resources for studying His Word, but many of us lack confidence for discussing it beyond the walls of the church campus. We want to help bridge that gap.

This fall, we will begin a new format for Sunday night worship: TABLE TALKS. During our normal teaching/preaching time, we will gather around the table, HEARING from God's Word, but also DISCUSSING its meaning and application to our lives with one another around the table. (IF YOU ARE INTERESTING IN BEING A TABLE DISCUSSION LEADER, PLEASE LET THE PASTOR KNOW).

Additionally, we hope that TABLE TALKS can be a tool for use beyond the walls of our church campus. Maybe you want to start a weekly family Bible study or devotional with your kids, or perhaps you want to start a weekly Bible study with friends or colleagues from work--but you may not have the time or confidence to prepare in this season. We hope that TABLE TALKS can be a help to you in whatever format God leads.

All of these materials will be uploaded on a weekly basis to our church Facebook and YouTube and are ABSOLUTELY FREE for anyone to use. Our hope and prayer is that they are a help and encouragement to any and all who use them as a means of reading, reflecting, and responding to God's Word faithfully.

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